Sacrifcing myself at the altar of career…So. Not. Happening

Day before yesterday I came down with a raging migraine attack. Then the back took a cue from the head and started hurting so badly that I had to convince myself to stop euthanizing my body and visit the doctor.

To no one’s surprise, it was stress from hellish long work hours & breakneck schedule, coupled with months of bad sitting posture on non-ergonomic furniture. The doctor advised complete rest for some days. Sadly I have rent & bills to pay and thus the job does not spare me from the rigors of having to step out & earn my living.

I was discussing all this with the mother who happens to have a gold medal in nutrition sciences & was quick to put the blame on my lifestyle, erratic work hours, not eating fruit, not drinking enough water, not working out enough (or at all) not getting enough rest, not getting married, basically for my current existence as a ‘hard-working’ exile in Bombay slaving away at my desk under the pretense of living the life of an independent, financially secure woman.


In between berating me for what’s wrong with my life (basically everything) and shouting at the maid, we agreed upon one thing-that I don’t have the time or resources to make drastic changes in my lifestyle. But I can bring about some little changes to my routine. And ultimately that’s what matters-these small things that we do each day to feel well.

My list looks like this.

  1. Eat 2 fruits every day & eat my veggies
  2. Try to sleep for at least 7 hours
  3. Drink 3 liters of water daily (Set an alarm for this on my phone while ma kept shouting ‘how one does not remember to drink water is simply beyond me
  4. Consumer dairy products (aforementioned nutritionist is product of an older generation who openly balks at the ‘dairy is bad for health’ logic and will laugh & whack my head at suggestions of ‘almond milk’)
  5. Take breaks, don’t let the chair, laptop and the job kill you

Basically we’re wired to do stupid things-like living as if all hell will break lose and the apocalypse will be here if we forsake sleep for that email in the dead of the night (unless it is something as serious as the Nepal earthquake where actual lives were at stake…something like this happened at work last week and I am glad to have worked for 15 hours straight with the team to ensure people are safe)

But the aim is not to let the job nuke my health by making me do things like order takeaways from cheap fast food joints because I can’t afford fancy health foods. After I die, my skeleton can’t type away at the keyboard without making some seriously annoying clacking noise leading to complaints from coworkers and getting her fired. So yeah.

What’s with our generation? Why do we work like our life depends on it while our actual life forces are gradualy being depleted by stress? When work shit hits the fan why do we go to pieces-a crime as far as my mother is concerned. And she is right. This is not right. I refuse to live like this. We can have it all. Work AND health. It’s a simple thing I am asking from myself-Don’t. Let. Work. Screw. With. Your. Health


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